What’s the Benefit of Hiring an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Calgary?

Attending court is never a pleasant experience. Whether for a lawsuit, divorce, contested will or other matter, court cases tend to be highly emotional circumstances with lots of money at stake. Worse yet is attending court as the accused in a criminal law matter, which puts your personal freedom and livelihood at stake. If you are accused of a crime it is important to have an experienced criminal lawyer in Calgary fighting for you.

What Makes Criminal Law Unique? 

Being charged with a crime is one of the most serious accusations you can face in your life. Unlike other areas of the law where consequences generally do not follow until after the matter is resolved in court, criminal allegations bring consequences from the outset. Most likely, you will be released from jail where you must abide by numerous bail conditions. It is also possible that you are held in prison until your trial, which could be months or years away.

A criminal conviction entails serious consequences. While other areas of the law primarily deal solely with money, criminal convictions can lead to a combination of large fines, lengthy periods on probation, and most seriously, incarceration. Any period of prison time has the potential to disrupt your employment and harm your social ties to family and friends. Other consequences of a criminal conviction are a criminal record, which may limit your prospects of employment in the future, and stigmatizing orders such as having to provide a DNA sample or register as a sex offender. If you are accused of a crime, having an experienced criminal lawyer representing you will go a long way in protecting your rights and ensuring the best possible outcome in your case.

What an Experienced Criminal Lawyer Offers

There are numerous advantages to hiring an experienced criminal lawyer. An experienced criminal lawyer in Calgary can help build your case in a way that increases your chance of a positive outcome. Depending on the circumstances of your case, a lawyer may wish to retain a private investigator or an expert witness to help in your defence. There also may be constitutional issues that aid in your defence, such as the police violating your Charter rights. After reviewing your file, an experienced criminal lawyer will know what issues to investigate and bring forward your best possible defence.

A thorough knowledge of the legal system helps a criminal lawyer navigate your case. An experienced criminal defence lawyer will know the judges in the area and be able to craft arguments in a more persuasive way based on which judge is conducting the trial.

By knowing what sentencing options are available and having experience negotiating with the Crown, an experienced criminal lawyer can also help craft your best possible plea bargain for a more lenient sentence. Having practiced criminal law for an extended time, an experienced criminal lawyer will have working relationships with the Crown prosecutors that will help him or her negotiate plea bargain on your behalf.

Why Experience Matters
In criminal law, there is no substitute for years of experience. An inexperienced lawyer can lose a case by failing to defend against certain information, preparing an inadequate defence, and/or taking too long to take action. An experienced lawyer, by contrast, can control damages for you, including acting as the go between with law enforcement to ensure you don’t incriminate yourself or make hasty decisions.

Attending court nearly every day for several years, an experienced criminal lawyer will have a broad exposure to what is needed for success in the courtroom, including how to examine witnesses, the application of the rules of evidence and how to present successful closing arguments to judges and juries.

Consider the high profile case of former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi. Faced with sexual assault allegations that were highly publicized in the media, nearly everyone in the country believed he was guilty. However, Mr. Ghomeshi had an experienced lawyer on his side who paid attention to detail. Mr. Ghomeshi’s lawyer was able to effectively cross-examine the witnesses, uncover inconsistencies in their stories and introduce evidence into the court that the police had not uncovered in their investigation. By effectively controlling the narrative of the case, the judge could not say that Mr. Ghomeshi was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and acquitted him of all charges.

Each case is different, turning on its own unique facts and potentially involving different areas of law. What remains the same across cases is how an experienced criminal defence lawyer can help achieve the best possible result.

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